Friday 11-2 pm


black radish creamery CHEESE CURDS 

served with black garlic ranch and bacon onion jam  13


copia farms Deviled Eggs 

sweet & spicy pickle relish, bacon, smoked paprika  10


Chips & Queso

fried corn tortilla chips with house made queso  10

+add chorizo 2

butternut squash soup

mushrooms, farro, sage, spiced pepitas, pumpkin seed oil

cup: 6 / bowl: 9


black & blue wedge

roma crunch, black garlic ranch, grilled and pickled onion, blackened bacon,

smoked blue cheese  

half 6 / full 12

protein: crispy chicken 6, pulled chicken 6, salmon (6oz) 13

Chopped Caesar Salad 

romaine, focaccia crisps, aged cheese blend, roasted garlic caesar dressing 
half  6 / full  12
protein: crispy fried chicken 6, pulled chicken 6, salmon (6oz) 13


grilled cheese & butternut squash soup 

herbed butter, raclette, fontina, apple butter  14

rl valley ranch Smashburger

american cheese, caramelized onions, pickles, fries  17

+ bacon: 2

veggie burger

arugula, roasted red peppers, vegan aioli & fries  14

spicy Chicken Sandwich 

nashville style chile oil, special sauce, shaved lettuce, pickles, fries

– available non spicy  17

crispy Chicken Sandwich

passion fruit and honey glazed, shaved cabbage, pickles, roasted chile mayo, fries  17

Turkey french dip

turkey, fontina cheese, cranberry jam, served with savory mushroom & onion au jus, fries   14

soup & salad

half salad with cup of soup  12

red pesto PRIMAVERA 

cavatappi pasta, red pesto cream sauce, roasted artichokes & red peppers, wood grilled mushrooms, spinach  16

+ pulled chicken 6, crispy chicken 6, salmon (4oz) 9, salmon (6oz) 13


veggie slaw, avocado puree, cilantro, ghost chile hot sauce available upon request, chips & queso 

house made chorizo  16,  wood grilled mushrooms  16