Bread & Butter Board

grilled lucky cat bread, shaved country ham, sweet & salty maple butter  10

Deviled Eggs

copia farm eggs, sweet & spicy pickle relish, country ham, smoked paprika  8

Tempura Cheese Curds

black radish creamery curds, crispy tempura batter, sweet & spicy tomato pepper jam  11

Wood Grilled Cauliflower

tossed in chili-honey vinegar w/ roasted cashew crumbles & togarashi mayo  9

Summer Salad

fresh spinach, arugula, nueske’s bacon, goat cheese, pickled shallots, candied pecans, roasted strawberry vinaigrette

half  6 / full  10

protein: crispy fried chicken 5, salmon 9, beef MP

Wood Grilled Caesar Salad

romaine, focaccia crisps, roasted garlic caesar dressing, aged cheese blend

half  5 / full  10

protein: crispy fried chicken 5, salmon 9, beef MP

Wood Grilled Pulled Chicken Salad

romaine, roasted corn, red peppers, tomatoes, scallions, radish, crushed tortillas, queso fresco, w/ avocado lime ranch  15



rl valley ranch beef, cheddar ale fondue, griddled onions, pickles, lucky cat bun, side of beef fat aioli & crispy fries  15

+ bacon: 2

Crispy Chicken Sandwich

nashville style chile oil, special sauce, shaved lettuce, pickles, lucky cat bun, & crispy fries – available non-spicy  15

Fish Sandwich

fried or pan-seared halibut, malt vinegar tartar sauce, shaved lettuce,heirloom tomato, lucky cat bun, & crispy fries  17


three koki’s corn tortillas, shaved cabbage, radish, avocado, pickled shallot, cilantro, lime, ghost chile hot sauce, chips, & queso

house-made chorizo  15 / wood grilled mushrooms  15 / blackened walleye 19

Quinoa Bowl

quinoa, roasted mushrooms, sugar snap peas, wood grilled cauliflower, roasted cashew crumbles, ginger carrot puree, citrus herb vinaigrette  15

Wood Grilled Chicken

dry rubbed half chicken, roasted corn salad, simply dressed arugula  24

Wood Grilled Salmon

salmon over quinoa, roasted mushrooms, sugar snap peas, ginger carrot puree, citrus herb vinaigrette  26

Steak Frites

wood grilled 7 oz filet, crispy fries, black garlic steak sauce, simply dressed arugula  MP


12 oz wood-grilled ribeye, loaded baked potato, black garlic steak sauce, chef’s choice of vegetable


Fresh-Baked  Cookie

chocolate chip, smoked sea salt  3

S’mores Torte

flourless chocolate torte, torched marshmallow, gluten-free graham cracker streusel, mocha sauce  9


seasonal berries, whipped cream, aged balsamic  10

Ice Cream Sundae

jeni’s ice cream, salty caramel, chocolate fudge, amarena cherries, toasted cookie crumble  10